Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang

Sepang has many famous attractions worth visiting, and eating out at a restaurant in Sepang need not be a local’s secret.

After a day trip, it is time to fuel up at these SIX must-try restaurants around Sepang, suggested by Tourism Selangor.

If you’re searching for places to eat, here is the list of restaurants to complete your day trip.

Fulfill your taste buds and cravings at these top 6 restaurants around Sepang!


For freshly caught affordable seafood dishes, head to Senandung Malam Seafood.

You select your choice of seafood fish, squids, prawns, cockles, and clams and decide the way of preparation.

This restaurant in Sepang opens from 5 pm onwards.

The best part is watching the sunset and enjoying the ocean breeze while dining.

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


If you and your dining companion want Malaysian food and Italian cuisine, head to The Tepen at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.

Imagine having the classic Aglio Olio pasta mixed with Bunga Kantan or grilled salmon in Laksa.

Other noteworthy items include white rice cooked in bamboo tubes served with a selection of side dishes.

Enjoy your meal at this ‘retro-esque’ restaurant in Sepang if you crave something different and unique desserts.

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


Like Malaysia’s Kopitiam culture and the simple things in life like half-boiled eggs and toast?

Head over to Pak Ngah Cyber Kopitiam, a modern-style kopitiam with Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa, and a choice of great local coffee and Malay Kuihs to start your day.

The menu includes western dishes to satisfy different tastes. You can find Chicken Chops, Tortillas, and Pasta.

Not to be missed is the restaurant’s specialty Nasi Minyak, a typical rice dish served at Malay weddings and is a must-try.

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


Botanist is a beautiful café in a lush tropical setting that is picture-perfect for IG users.

Want to be an influencer but don’t know how?

Start with a lovely, aesthetically pleasing spot; you can’t go wrong if you are headed to Cyberjaya next.

Order their specialty, tasty, unique bao burgers with other hot dishes and finish that with coffee or tea, according to your preference.

For vegans, you can request dairy-free options.

To promote zero-waste awareness, the café also doubles up to s sells eco-friendly products. Check out their toothbrushes and chemical-free soaps.

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


There are many restaurants in KLIA2.

Luck Bros Kopi serves fresh brews, hot meals, and a variety of baked sweets.

There are on-the-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you’re in a rush.

Their specialty is the 5 Street Coffee, with five types of coffee from different states in Malaysia; Johor, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Melaka, and Kuala Lumpur.

Morden and inviting the ‘Insta-Aesthetic’ Luck Bros Kopi café is an excellent option for good food!

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


Head to Restoran Ummi Aisyah for a meal of Nasi Melayu with delicious seafood dishes.

Apart from grilled fish and squids to prawn sambal and ‘Siput Sedut Masak Lemak’ there are poultry, lamb, and beef options.

The best side dishes are the variety of ulam and vegetables cooked in several ways.

With freshly cooked food and an exciting display, you’ll be tempted to eat more.

Recommended special dish is the Siakap Terbang, a deep-fried butterflied Barramundi.

The fried fish are served with sambal tempoyak and sambal belacan.

You can find Restoran Ummi Aisyah at Pusat Perdagangan Warisan Central in Kota Warisan.

Weekend Trip Dining At 6 Amazing Restaurants In Sepang


A weekend road trip is recommended with many interesting places to visit and try some of the restaurants in Sepang for their best food.

For more travel inspiration to Selangor, visit Tourism Selangor’s official website, www.selangor.travel #PusingSelangorDulu!



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