7 Reasons To Love Malaysia – Malaysia Travel Tips

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia – Malaysia Travel Tips

To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most underrated countries in the world that you can visit.

The captivating natural beauty of the rainforest (as old as the Amazon), the cultural diversity of her people, and the fantastic food – make Malaysia one of the best countries in the world to live in.

There are so many things to love about Malaysia, a country full of contrasts and exciting cultures.

If you want to visit Southeast Asia, Malaysia is your best choice as the people speak English and the signages are bi-lingual (Malay and English).

Kuala Lumpur is one of the best destinations for those who crave big cities.

If you prefer a laid-back lifestyle longing for the sun and beaches, you will find plenty of fantastic paradise beaches in the Malaysian islands.

Malaysia is one of the favorite countries in Southeast Asia.

Here are seven reasons to love Malaysia and why it should be your next holiday destination.

Malaysian Culture

Malaysia is incredibly diverse, a melting pot of cultures with many ethnicities, languages, and religions.

People from each race have retained their ancestors’ cultural customs, and Malaysian society accommodates various lifestyles, beliefs, and values.

Malaysian cities are the best place to experience both old and new.

Here massive skyscrapers, modern hotels, and large shopping centers are juxtaposed – outside the city center; you find old temples and villages where life is simple.

In the major cities, you can experience the multiculturalism of the new and old from many cultures.

Malaysian People

Malaysia is a multicultural society consisting of three primary races: the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, and indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

Chinatown and Little India create a vibrant atmosphere during the Chinese New Year to Deepavali festivities.

In the coastal area and the rice fields, you can experience Malay culture and peaceful kampong life.

In Sabah and Sarawak, you experience the Traditions and customs seeped into culture and natural wonders.

It is buzzing with cultural diversity and the rich history of the indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

You can always look forward to festivals, and Malaysians get so many public holidays – one of the best things to love about Malaysia.

Malaysians are friendly, and most of the population can speak a minimum of 3 languages – Malay, English, Chinese, and sometimes Tamil!

Communication is essential for a peaceful society, and the locals are innocently chatty and friendly, especially the taxi or cab drivers.

What are Malaysian People Like?

What are Malaysian People Like?

Famous Malaysian Food

Always hungry and love a good meal?

Malaysians love their food, and you’ll have no trouble finding mouthwatering local and international cuisines everywhere.

There are so many reasons why Malaysia is an all-time favorite country for visitors – delicious cheap affordable foods on every street corner.

Penang is the destination for street food.

There’s a wide variety of fresh and delicious food at the community wet markets where the locals eat.

Malaysians always look for our staple breakfasts like Nasi Lemak, Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai, Nasi Goreng, Laksa, and so much more!

Many local, regional, and international cuisines provide great tasting and cheap eats in Kopitiam, Food Courts, Hawker Centres, Warungs, and the 24-hour Mamak stalls.

Local food is best in the night bazaar and street corners, but please be aware of the cleanliness.

Malay cuisine is interesting, with the Nasi Campur comprising raw herbs, salads, and mild to spicy gulai (curries) you can try.

For first-time visitors to Malaysia, the best tip is to sit down and order anything on the menu and be surprised at the deliciousness of your meal.

You can try many Malaysian dishes which do not exist in the country of origin.

Despite being considered a variation of the paratha, Roti Canai does not exist in India.

Nasi lemak is Malaysia’s national dish and should not be missed.

At the same time, you can enjoy a gourmet dinner at upscale fine dining restaurants without breaking the bank.

The best place to enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine would be the hawker stalls among the locals.

You will also love local Malaysian fruits like papaya, bananas, pineapple, and seasonal fruit like rambutan, mangosteen, and of course, the king of fruit, Durian.

Remember to try the incredibly delicious Malaysian food listed in our Penang Food Guide.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Living in Malaysia

Malaysia’s strategic location made the country a coveted destination country for retirees.

Southeast Asia is generally inexpensive compared to prices in Europe and the US.

Compared to Southeast Asia countries, Malaysia is more developed, with something for everyone, on the affordability scale, both budget and upscale.

In cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, shoppers can find exclusive shopping centers carrying designer brands in huge malls.

Ex-pats migrating to Malaysia have excellent private health care facilities, international schools, a vibrant ex-pat community, and a thriving cultural and arts scene.

Transportation is cheap, and Malaysian drive on the right side of the road.

You can access the foreign embassy and consulates in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia Islands

Beautiful beaches, spectacular islands, and world-class diving sites make Malaysia one of the many reasons to love the country.

With white sand and deep blue waters, the beaches in Malaysia, like Marang or Semporna, with marine wildlife, offer an enjoyable experience with tropical fishes and colorful coral reefs.

You can go snorkeling and even get a diving license there.

Malaysian islands like Penang and Langkawi are globally known.

In contrast, some hidden gems of smaller islands around the East Cost of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah in East Malaysia make picturesque vacation spots.

Widely regarded as one home to the best diving destinations in the world, Sabah’s clear waters are a treat to marine enthusiasts.

On the Peninsular, Pulau Redang is popular among divers.

What better way to spend a year-round summer than at gorgeous beaches and islands?

The feeling of sand beneath your feet, soaking rays, and sipping coconut water takes me back to paradise!

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia’s Wildlife and Nature

It is not just the paradise beaches that impress in Malaysia.

Malaysia is surrounded by the beauty of nature, lush and untamed, in many places where you can get in touch with Mother Nature.

You can see bright blue skies and clear water and breathe fresh air in Malaysia.

In Borneo Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak, you can do outdoor activities like jungle trekking and white water rafting and even join the outward-bound schools.

Named by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s best destinations – Penang is a unique destination with Penang Hill.

The designation of the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO marks a world-class rainforest discovery center and eco-park set amid an ancient rainforest atop the storied Penang Hill – celebrated as the gateway to Penang, one of Malaysia’s most popular destinations.

These are the luxury that very few can buy with money.

Malaysia has a tropical climate, summery all year round, and you can go to the beach whenever you want.

While some people might refer to it as ‘hot and humid,’ but Malaysia’s mean annual temperature is 25.4°C.

Generally, there is little seasonal variability in average monthly temperature, with April, May, and June being the year’s hottest months.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Malaysian Jungle Trekking

Malaysia has so many places you can take off to over the weekend.

Some of the most fun is off the beaten track.

If you visit Penang, you can quickly join the locals hiking in the jungle.

The locals love nature and spend their mornings and evenings out hiking.

In places like Sabah and Sarawak, you can hire guides to take you into the jungles and see flora and fauna untouched by man.

The hills, waterfalls, and rivers make for an exhilarating adventure.

With birds fluttering in the air and other animals roaming, you enjoy the freedom that nature expresses.

Why do foreigners love Malaysia?

Foreigners don’t have to exit the country to explore and find cultural gems.

With its rich history and diverse cultures, Malaysia has natural attractions and World Heritage sites like Batu Caves, Gunung Gading National Park, Malacca Christ Church, and Manukan Island.

Malaysian Weather

You either love it or hate it – depending on the time you visit, of course.

To start with, it has to be the weather. The whole year is sunny and rainy so you can do outdoor and indoor activities.

While visitors from Arab love to watch the rain fall, others may complain about the wet weather or high humidity.

Beaches, islands, rainforests, caves, temples, and theme parks are mind-blowing.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Frog Hill is an abandoned quarry with breathtaking views of gorgeous blue pools.


Friendly Malaysians

Starting a conversation with anyone when you visit Malaysia is so easy.

Friendly Malaysians love to make friends quickly regardless of age, gender, or skin color.

As a visitor, you can make you new acquaintances and friends easily.

The citizens speak English, Bahasa, Chinese, Tamil, and various dialects.

Make small talk with hawkers or other customers when you tapao (takeaway) food as a venue for socializing.

Malaysians are friendly and helpful if you need directions.

Open the conversation with food.

You’ll be surprised at how easily people jump in with various suggestions on what and where to eat the best version of an authentic dish.

To get into the local groove – visitors to Malaysia soon realize that eating out is a national pastime.

Conversations with the locals inadvertently revolved around a long list of The Best Eats!

Talk to everyone, including Taxi drivers, and these people know where to get the best food you have on your wishlist.

You will love our local flea markets and hippy cafes too.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Banana leaf rice is a traditional South Indian rice dish served on a banana leaf that is guaranteed to take your taste buds on a thrilling ride.

Malaysians Love Shopping

Malaysia is a multicultural country, and we celebrate all festivals; hence there is a huge variety when shopping for foodstuff, delicacies, and everything else you want.

Shopping in Malaysia is a paradise.

You can shop for all the branded goods at the malls.

Nifty shoppers go for the local goods that are worth shopping for.

Clothing like batik, songket, cheongsam, sarees, and kurta vary.

7 Reasons To Love Malaysia - Malaysia Travel Tips

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Malaysian Politics

Best to leave the political news to the locals.


Overall, Malaysia is a great country.

Malaysia is a diverse country with a good mix of ethnic groups living harmoniously.

While some may find the weather unbearably hot and humid throughout the year, there are options to use air conditioning.

You will never get bored exploring when you visit.

We hope if you ever get a chance to visit Malaysia, you’ll love Malaysia as much as Malaysians do.

Are there any places that you especially love that should be included?

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