Malaysia Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better

I have the best Malaysia travel tips to help you save money, avoid mistakes, and travel like a pro!

If you’re planning your first trip to Malaysia, you cannot plan for everything.  But it will be nice to avoid mishaps to make your travels much more effortless.

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia or Welcome to Malaysia!

Be Flexible

Patience is essential when you travel. You can plan, but sometimes, things go wrong, or there are delays.

Flights get canceled, or you left your jacket behind in the hotel wardrobe.

The thing to do is not to get upset.

If you’re flying in, you’re in for an adventure, and all these snippets make a great story to tell back home.

Make a List

Make a packing list about two weeks before your long-haul trip.

There are things you want to take with you and the things you need to buy.

The most important is to inspect your luggage and clean it out.

Check for zips that run smoothly and locks that shut adequately.

Remember to check the wheels and trolley.

Malaysia Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better

Your most essential items go in your cabin luggage.

Don’t Forget an Extra Camera Battery (or Two)

Batteries are important. I will bring two handphones along, just in case.

Keeping your electronics safe and organized makes it much easier to carry these items with you.

Always Bring a Sarong

A sarong is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of holiday kit to bring along.

If you don’t have one, remember to buy a few when you’re in Malaysia.

You can use a sarong as a wrap when you are cold, a towel, a curtain, or to cover your legs if you’re wearing shorts and need to enter a place of worship.

Malaysia Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better

The most versatile piece of holiday kit – the sarong.

Always Buy Travel Insurance

A medical emergency can wipe out your savings. You can’t leave home without travel insurance.

Make Photocopies of Important Documents

Please keep a copy of your passport in a separate bag from my actual passport.

Carry a few extra passport photos with you.

This will come in handy in case you drop or lose your passport at the airport.

You can’t fly without a passport, so you need to keep your passport with you at all times.

Malaysia Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better

Pack Extra Underwear

Always pack a few extra pairs of Undies in case of emergencies.

Another option is to pack quick-dry underwear so you can easily wash them on the road.

Pack a few clothespins so you can clip them up to dry.

Pre-plan Your Outfits

Having a stylish travel outfit is something you need to plan for before even getting on the plane.

If you color coordinate your outfits, you can accentuate it with a piece or two in a contrasting color as an accent.

Put Electronics, Medications, Toothbrush, and an Extra Pair of Underwear in Your Carry-on

You can buy most of these things if your bag gets lost, but having them in your carry-on will save you money and time if your luggage gets lost in transit.

An excellent item to keep is a swimsuit if you plan on a beach vacation.

Bring Lotion in Your Carry-on

Airplane cabins are exceptionally dry.

Vaseline works very well on lips and nails.

You can carry hydrating lotion on both sides of a contact lens for your face.

Stay Hydrated on Planes

Staying hydrated on long-haul flights makes it easier to get over jet lag – especially if you can’t sleep sitting up.

Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone

I have a problem remembering where I park my car.

Moving from one hotel to another is hard to remember.

A good tip is to keep the info on your phone.

Ask The Locals

Travel maps, guides have recommendations, but the locals know the best places to see, shop, and eat.

Ask the locals to point you to the best restaurants, the best coffee shops, and when the sunrise and sunset hours are.

Beware of Free Public WIFI

When you are traveling, remember to log out of your bank accounts and not enter any passwords.

Free public WIFI at the airport or restaurants may not be secured. It is better to use your hotel’s WIFI with a password.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans

A great habit of getting into if you don’t want your credit card company or bank to hold on to your card overseas.

Wear Sunscreen

Remember to wear a face moisturizer with a good SPF if you will be in the sun the whole day.

Malaysia is a tropical country, and the weather is hot.

A hat and sunnies will come in handy to protect your head and eyes.

Book Early for Cheap Flights

For long-haul flights, you can sometimes book up to a year in advance.

Check the airline or use Google Flights Alerts to check flight status and plan trips on Google Home.

Your Google Assistant makes it easy to find the travel information you need.

Keep an Open Mind

Be respectful of customs and culture in Malaysia.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

Don’t plan your entire itinerary ahead of time.

Sometimes it is those unplanned moments while traveling that make the best memories.

Let Someone at Home Know Your Plans

This is extremely important when you are traveling solo.

It is a good idea, no matter how many people are in your travel group.

Separate Your Personal Items

If you travel as a couple or family, mix your personal items into each checked bag.

This way, if one of our bags gets lost, we both still have some clothing and personal items.

Separate Your Sources of Money

Don’t keep all of your cash and cards in one spot. Best to keep your money in a few places.

You can hide some cash and a back up credit/bank card in a separate bag that is not the same as your wallet.

Travel First Aid Kit

Pack up a small first aid kit with aspirin, Benadryl, cold meds, cough drops, activated charcoal pills (a lifesaver for traveler’s diarrhea).

Over the counter, medicines are readily available in Malaysia.

You can buy toiletries at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart Watson’s, and Guardians.

Malaysia Travel Tips to Help You Travel Better

A small first aid kit will come in handy.

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