Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

As Malaysians can’t travel abroad, going on a road trip in Malaysia puts a smile on our faces.

Malaysians have set aside their travel abroad plans since 2020 because of the pandemic.

When interstate travel is allowed in Malaysia, many will be excited to balik kampung and visit family in their hometown.

Families will want to visit local attractions for cuti cuti Malaysia.

However, with the new normal, traveling during the pandemic has changed.

Aside from good hygiene and social distancing, we must remember to check in with MySejahtera for contact tracing whenever we’re out and about.

For those planning a road trip during COVID-19 travel restrictions, here are some travel tips you can practice to help you stay safe.

After months of staying at home, we are excited to return to our hometown, visit family, and finally get away for a bit of holiday in Malaysia.

During your road trip, remember to adhere to hygiene measures to stay safe while you’re on the road.

Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Malaysia

Due to increased COVID-19 cases, lockdown restrictions are in effect in Malaysia until 28 June. All non-essential government services, businesses, and education institutions are closed. COVID-19 restrictions can change quickly. Be aware of restrictions at your location and follow the advice of local authorities. Inter-district and interstate travel are not permitted. You’ll need police permission to travel to Kuala Lumpur International Airport because of COVID-19 restrictions.
For COVID-19 Travel Information: contact your airline or travel provider or refer to Malaysia Airlines Travel Advisory

Before Traveling A Road Trip in Malaysia

When your vehicle is standstill often, the battery can lose charge; hence, you may not start your car the next time you are ready to use it.

Travel Tips: To prevent a flat car battery

  • Use a trickle charger or battery conditioner
  • Avoid switching your car on and then off again
  • Avoid short journeys
  • Drive your car for at least 15-20 minutes at a time
  • Alternate trips if you have over one vehicle
  • Check electric vehicle (EV) and plugin hybrid (PHEV) manuals
  • Ensure the new battery meets/surpasses your vehicle’s specifications
  • Unplug unnecessary accessories

Send your vehicle to the mechanic for a check-up. Check your engine oil, radiator water, tires, brakes, and windscreen wipers.

Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions is possible.

Before Driving Off On A Road Trip in Malaysia

1. Make sure you’re in good health before you travel

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough.

Best to monitor for symptoms in children and young adults for headache, cough, and mild fever.
Some people may experience aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, or sore throat.

If you or your family are not feeling well, it is better to stay home and self-isolate rather than push ahead with your planned trip. You can go another time after you recover.

While you may be excited to meet your extended family and senior members, remember that they belong to the high-risk groups that are more vulnerable to getting COVID-19.

High-risk groups include:

  • people with Comorbidity
  • senior citizens above 60 years old
  • people with a weak immune system
  • people with heart or lung disease
  • diabetics
Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Where do you want to go for your next road trip in Malaysia?

2. Disinfect Your Car for Your Road Trip in Malaysia

When on a road trip in Malaysia, avoid turning your car into a hotbed of germs and viruses.

WHO recommends disinfecting high-touch surfaces in a non-healthcare setting to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19.

One way is for a quick wipedown on the main touch points in your vehicle.

  • disinfecting wipes
  • bottle of disinfectant spray

Toyota highlighted 40 areas to clean both inside and outside your vehicle. These are the key areas.

  • Car keys
  • Door handles
  • Window switches
  • Steering wheel and horn
  • Control stalks
  • Dashboard
  • Gear shift
  • Glove box
  • Cup holders
  • Rear-view mirror

3. Bring Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks, and Disinfecting Wipes

The pandemic has inevitably changed the way we travel.

We used to pack our cars with snacks and drinks – and may not wash our hands before eating those snacks!

Nowadays, aside from an inflated spare tire and a roadside emergency kit, your best bets are an extra haul of

  • face masks
  • hand sanitizers
  • disinfecting wipes, or spray

Remember to place a box of face masks safely in the glove box.

4. Limit the Car Passengers For Your Road Trip In Malaysia

According to a report by The Star, Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob has stated that there is No Ruling that those traveling in a vehicle

  • must be from the same household or
  • have the same address in their identification documents

Under the first movement control order (MCO), only two people from the same household could travel in one car.

With the conditional and recovery movement control orders (CMCO and RMCO), the number of occupants per vehicle was permitted up to the vehicle’s seating capacity.

Non-family members may travel together as long as it doesn’t exceed the vehicle capacity.

5. Practise Social Distancing When You Stop For A Break

SOP for one-meter social distancing must be practiced at the Rest and Service Areas (RSA), better known as PLUS Highway R&R or petrol station.

Since COVID-19 can be transmitted through an infected person’s respiratory droplets (coughing or sneezing ), it’s best to stay safe.

A trip to the petrol station is inevitable, as with touching the credit card slot, payment keypad, and pump handle – remember to sanitize your hands when you get into your vehicle.

Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

After pumping petrol, remember to sanitize your hands when entering your vehicle.

6. Maintain a One Meter Distance When You Are Dining Out

When you head out to grab a bite to eat, best to dine during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds.

Remember to maintain a one-meter distance between yourself and other diners and adhere to the number of diners allowed per table at the eateries.

7. Bring Your Prayer Mats and Garments

For Muslims, remember to bring your prayer garment and mats if you plan to perform prayers at the surau.

Remember that suraus, which fit between 15 and 20 people, can get crowded.

Travel Tips: Perform your prayers at home before your road trip and time on your journey so you can pray as soon as you reach your destination.

Once you arrive at your destination, the first thing to do is disinfect your car.

8. Disinfect Your Car

Upon arrival, another round of wipedown needs to disinfect the critical touch points in your vehicle

  • central storage compartment
  • door handle
  • keys
Going On A Road Trip in Malaysia With COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Balik Kampung, on a quick trip, stay safe.

9. Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

Before greeting your parents and grandparents, please wash your hands with soap and water.

If possible, shower before giving your family a well-deserved hug or kiss.

If you check into a hotel, resort, Airbnb, or homestay, remember to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Check-in with MySejahtera for contact tracing.

  • Movement Control Order (MCO)
  • Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
  • Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)
  • Full Movement Control Order (​FMCO)

Road Trip to Malaysia Travel 1 Day Itinerary

If you’re planning more road trips to Malaysia, check out these ideas for Day Trips in Selangor below!

Source: Keep your car germ free: 40 areas to clean

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