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Even if you’re a Malaysian, it’s tough to start planning for a getaway in your own country.

While my friends are all geared up to conquer the world, I’m more inclined to travel smart to discover Malaysia.

For me, there is no greater diversity of culture that can be found elsewhere than in my country.

While Malaysia is best known for its beaches, rainforests, it is the unique diversity of electric ethnicity of her people that makes Malaysia truly Malaysian.

The South China Sea separates both the Peninsular (West Malaysia) and East Malaysia.

You may meet the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasians, and the Orang Asli in West Malaysia and think we are diverse. Or we all sound very different.

I only found out how truly united we Malaysian were when I traveled to Sabah and Sarawak.

It is in Sabah that I met the friendliest mix of ethnic groups living happily together.

Malaysia is the only place that Malaysians feel most at home when they travel.

Let’s Start Here to travel!

You have to plan and think hard about very few things before making plans to travel.

If you’re visiting Malaysia for the first time, I assure you will fall in love with a multiracial country cheap and delicious.

You could spend a day at the best dive sites and the next on a night out in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

So if you’re planning the next couple getaway, a family vacation, or even a gap year backpacking trip, you will find your travels here enjoyable and memorable.

On this page, you’ll find a list of articles related to planning your trip.

All you need to decide is how long your vacation is – whether it’s a 3D2N over the long weekend or even 2 or 3 weeks. or just a public holiday getaway!

Believe me, you will want to travel around at your own pace to get to know the people and culture.

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Soak in the natural beauty of the Taiping Lake Gardens built on top of an abandoned tin mine in Perak.

Let’s start here; who knows where you end up in Malaysia?

You may even fall in love and want to live here in Malaysia!

Is this possible? To fall in love with the way to live here?

Malaysia has many a healthy expatriate community who first came to Malaysia as a tourist or to work.

Many eventually fell in love with life in Malaysia after backpacking around the country and visiting the beautiful islands on the East Coast.

The balmy tropical weather appeals to tourists who love the outdoors and nature to adapt to the lifestyle quickly.

Most Malaysians speak good English, so there are no problems with communication.

It is easy to get around in Malaysia, where the people are friendlier and the local spicy food hard to resist.

Here are the links that I will write progressively – you can join me to make your way around Malaysia at your own pace.

I will share highlights of my trips and recommendations of what I think you will also enjoy.

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1. Get Inspired to Visit Malaysia

2. How to Save For Your First Trip

3. How to Plan Your Getaway

4. Get the Right Gear

5. Getting to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) via Long Haul Flight

6. Getting Around Kuala Lumpur By Train, Car, And Bus

7. Getting To Penang Island By Air, Car, Train, And Bus

8. Traveling by Bike

9. Find Affordable Accommodation

10. Life on the Road

11. Save Money on the Road

12. Couples Travel

13. Solo Female Travel

14. Family Travel

15. Senior Travel

16. Best Friends Travel

17. Malaysian Culture Customs and Etiquette

18. Discover volunteer programs in Malaysia! 



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