10 Best Beaches in Selangor As Weekend Getaway

10 Best Beaches in Selangor As Weekend Getaway

When you think of beaches in Selangor, the image of Malaysian shores comes to mind – strolling along soft sands, blushing horizons, clear waters.

While the beaches on the east coast and islands boast kaleidoscopic coral reefs, the beaches in Selangor are calm and peaceful with inviting views.

Kuala Lumpur may be the landlocked capital of Malaysia on the West Coast, but it’s’ a short drive away to explore scenic routes on picturesque coastlines.

To take in a beach holiday from KL, head to any one of these sandy beaches for a charming coastal destination.

Whether you like to swim in the sea or relax on the fringes, driving down to these beaches in Selangor is undoubtedly best for sea breezes, sunsets, and seafood.

The State of Selangor has finally entered Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan.

Many of us are looking for a local holiday destination and a beautiful beach to visit.

We want to enjoy ourselves with our friends or family members, to witness the beauty of a sunset.

Individuals who have completed two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can engage in tourism activities in the State of Selangor.

Plan your weekend getaway by visiting the beaches listed below!

Miss The Sun & Sand?

Here Are 10 Beautiful Beaches In Selangor To Visit For A Quick Getaway From Busy City Living.

Review for Beaches in Selangor

1. Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

2. Cunang Beach, Kuala Langat

3. Kelanang Beach, Banting

4. Morib Beach, Banting

5. Redang Beach, Sekinchan

6. Remis Beach, Jeram

7. Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

8. Sasaran Beach, Kuala Selangor

9. Tanjung Piai Beach, Klang

10. Sepang Gold Coast

Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

An extension of Morib beach in the Sepang district, Bagan Lalang is an ideal swimming spot.

It is about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.

It is a holiday destination well-loved by families with children and youngsters.

Do not miss the opportunity to take a walk on the shore up to 400 meters in the distance during low tide.

The gentle tide is enjoyed by children and adults alike, and picnics on the sand are a common sight.

One of the best time family outings is to take your little ones to see roaming baby crabs on the sand.

The beach is also very popular with volleyball, beach soccer, and barbecue activities.

It is undoubtedly a must-visit beach to those who love to enjoy the peace which the oceans bring.

A few seafood places surround the beach.

You can head to the Bagan Lalang Food Court for your meals.

Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

Cunang Beach, Kuala Langat

Not many people are aware of the existence of Cunang Beach.

The spectacular beach is relatively hidden at Tanjung Sepat.

Cunang Beach has mesmerizing white sand which runs along the mangroves area.

The area is run and managed by the indigenous community of Mah Meri.

It has recently turned into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Selangor.

Here you can visit traditional houses, colorful decorations, and handicraft shops.

In addition, you can engage in various activities, such as fishing and cycling on this beach.

Cunang Beach, Kuala Langat. Photo: st.cam @ IG

Kelanang Beach, Banting

Let us explore what makes Kelanang Beach so unique!

The  Pantai Kelanang beach is near Morib Beach.

Kelanang Beach offers a breathtaking view of the Straits of Melaka sea surrounded by the mangrove and ru trees.

Enjoy the stunning sunset views.

The breezy beach is ideal for flying a kite high up in the air in the cool evenings.

If you are bringing your children along, do not worry.

There are recreational activities and playground facilities for the little ones’ fun time.

Good place for family camping, facility very well and at night not very dark because there are big spotlights.

Kelanang Beach, Banting. Photo: Boh Iza

Morib Beach, Banting

If all you need is some downtime with the sea at arm’s length and sand in your toes, Morib Beach in Banting, Selangor is the ideal spot.

You can enjoy a long stroll on Morib Beach, with a coastline of about 3 kilometers.

Spend your time aimlessly picking up shells.

A quiet beach home to a lot of scuttling crabs.

It is tranquil on weekdays.

You can chase after baby crabs that roam around or wait for the ocean’s water to creep up the shore.

Morib Beach is in Kuala Langat District, about an hour’s drive from Klang.

Popular beach activities are beach soccer, volleyball, and kite-flying.

It is indeed an ideal destination to visit with your loved ones.

There are small eateries along the stretch, with rollerblading activities for kids.

Morib Beach, Banting. Photo: mokkay_ @ IG

Redang Beach, Sekinchan

If you are in Sabak Bernam District, you can experience both sceneries of the famous paddy fields and the lifestyle of the fishermen community here.

For foodies, Redang Beach or Pantai Redang Beach is conveniently close to several seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood!

You can choose to relax and chat on the benches and gazebos and enjoy the natural beauty of the seaside atmosphere.

Redang Beach, Sekinchan. Photo: Naz Ayie

Remis Beach, Kuala Selangor

Remis Beach is one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations popular with nature lovers.

During weekends, the Pantai Remis has crowds of visitors who enjoy fresh seafood at the local food stalls for grilled fish and boiled and grilled mussels.

Many visitors come to relax with family members and friends.

There’s bound to the ideal spot for you along the 20-kilometer stretch of Remis Beach in Kuala Selangor’s’ Southern District.

Remis Beach, Kuala Selangor. Photo: Idris Didy

Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

Pulau Angsa is better known as “Mirror in the Sky “as the shallow waters of this “Secret Island” at Kuala Selangor district.

The popular tourist attraction is Instagram worthy for visitors.

The sea reflects the sky in all its going, thus creating many unique photography and selfie opportunities for visitors.

The Island is also the habitat for marine agriculture.

The most common is the sea, and baby clam is scattered abundantly in the sand.

Sasaran Beach, Kuala Selangor. Photo: Tourism Malaysia

Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor. Photo: Tourism Malaysia

Tanjung Piai Beach, Klang

Tanjung Piai Beach, Klang is a beach on an island, undiscovered to the outside people.

Only locals come to this secluded spot.

Come on weekdays to have the most privacy.

Do not come to visit this beach if it’s’ a stormy day/season.

Your vehicle (car or motorcycle) might get stuck in the mud.

Tanjung Piai Beach, Klang. Photo: Abu Dzakir AlAmin AzZinaddine

Sepang Gold Coast, Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat is a small, coastal town located approximately 95 kilometers south of downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Sepang Gold Coast beaches are an excellent place to spend during weekends and public holidays.

Sepang Gold Coast, Tanjung Sepat. Photo: Loo Siat Ching Stephanie

The local authority has done many upgrades, with camping spots or staying in nearby chalets.

It could be the best place for refreshments along with friends and family members.

You can stay overnight there if you take with you a tent, you may book the hotel also if you want to stay overnight.

Weekdays are the best option if you want to avoid traffic on the road and beach area.

Don’t forget to follow the SOP.

Who says there are no beautiful Beaches in Selangor?

Spend your weekend at one of the beaches mentioned above.

Not only can you enjoy breathtaking sunset views, but you can enjoy the facilities available on the beach or enjoy fresh seafood.

So, if you are still undecided about where you want to head this weekend, hit the closest beaches in Selangor for your vacation in Malaysia!

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