5 Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

5 Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

Explore the hiking trails in Selangor, where nature is a relaxing and fun way to escape from the city.

Sometimes we need to find some peace of mind and soul healing in the great outdoors.

The most exciting part of hiking is the excitement from starting point to the peak – it is worth it.

So here are the 5 Most Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor you can try.

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

Gasing Hill – Bukit Gasing Forest Park

Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve is a 100 hectare stretch of green belt that divides the city of Petaling Jaya (Selangor) from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

The restorative powers of nature have miraculously rejuvenated the park to a place of lush secondary forest.

You would think that this was a former rubber estate.

Gasing Hill is one of the few “green lungs” of Petaling Jaya that is hugely popular with hiking enthusiasts to stay fit and healthy.

There are multiple hiking trails within the park suitable for hikers of all levels of energy and fitness.

If you are a beginner, stick to the main path where regular hikers go, and you can make friends along the way.

Most local hikers go at a steady pace and chat as they walk together.

Every track will lead to a suspension bridge, watchtower, and Hindu temple.

The highest point of Gasing Hill is about 160 meters and is compared to other Malaysian trails.

It is relatively easy. Along the way, there are plenty of benches where you can take a rest.

However, there are several steep slopes in the park to train for more challenging peaks.

Average time: 1 hour 45 minutes

What to Bring?

As there are no facilities, no shops, you need to bring your own water.

There are also no toilet facilities.

Be sure to wear Long sleeve shirt and long trousers and use some mosquito repellent.

You can get a spray type. For children, there are stickers that they can stick on their clothes.

Some hikers bring their pet dogs along for the walk and watch out for monkeys.

What is the best time to go hiking up Gasing Hill?

For those who come on the weekend, Gasing Hill can get a little crowded.

There is no fee to hike up the Gasing Hill.

How to Get to Bukit Gasing Forest Park?

If you are coming from KL on the Federal Highway, exit the EPF building signposted Jalan Gasing.

From Jalan Gasing turn left into Jalan Lembah 5/2. Fork right onto Jalan Tanjung 5/4.

The main entrance to the park is on this street.

If you drive, park where the other cars are and walk until you see the entrance arch.

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

View from Gasing Hill – Bukit Gasing Forest Park

Broga Hill – Bukit Borga

Bukit Borga is one of the best Hiking Trails in Selangor.

The hill is an excellent place near the city center to break a sweat, breathe fresh air, and exercise in a natural environment. 

As the hills are only 400 meters high (1312 feet), the trail is pretty easy for hiking beginners.

You can easily climb that in an hour.

The hill is steep, making for a quick and challenging workout to get the heart pumping and lungs puffing.

Broga Hill is one of the best vantage points to catch a phenomenal view of the peak’s glorious sunrise and sunset.

It is only a hill in Peninsular Malaysia covered in lalang grass instead of trees – hence the sunrise and sunset views are worth the climb. 

Bukit Borga Trail

From the car park, you walk by the trees of an oil palm plantation for about ten minutes to reach the start of the trail.

The trail is well-worn. It is easy to follow as thousands have eroded the path. 

Best to stay on the main path to avoid causing further damage to the hillside.

Busy times are during dawns and weekends, as many climbers like to witness the sunrise.

The trail climbs through a small forested area for 15 minutes before emerging at the foot of a steep hill covered in lalang grass. 

Ascending Bukit Borga

The tiring ascent begins here up the steep slopes.

Soon you can enjoy the fine views over the surrounding countryside. 

There are three viewing points (RHB signs) at 880 feet, 1150 feet, and finally at the top at 1312 feet.

Descending Bukit Borga

When coming back down, be careful.

When it is raining, the path can be slippery with mud.

During dry spells, it becomes loose with sand.

After you complete your descent from Broga, look out for the coconut stall at the foot of the trail if it is opened.

Here you can enjoy a refreshing drink. 

Otherwise, remember to bring along a water bottle as there are no shops nearby. 

What to Bring to Bukit Borga

  • Bottled water.
  • A snack.
  • Hat and or sunblock.
  • Trekking pole.
  • Phone/camera.
  • Suitable footwear (not flip-flops!)

Getting to Broga Hill

Broga Hill is located at Broga, a small town on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. 

You can drive there as it is bout 50km from Kuala Lumpur and 33km from Seremban.

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

View from Broga Hill – Bukit Borga

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) (c. 1929)

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is one of Malaysia’s oldest and largest re-created tropical rain forests.

Founded in 1929, it is a leading institution in tropical forestry research in the world.

FRIM offers a back-to-nature experience and the remains of an old Orang Asli settlement.

For visitors keen to discover hiking trails in Selangor, a trip to FRIM makes a fascinating day trip right in the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur.

A tour guide will take you around FRIM, including the must-visit Canopy Walkway.

You get to enjoy trekking in the rainforest and experience a canopy walkway to learn about nature with family and friends on weekends.

Crown Shyness
There’s a mysterious reason why trees in the rainforest avoid touching each other.

Some scientists believe it’s a shade avoidance mechanism – where trees avoid growing into the shade of other trees.

The reason is for survival so that each tree receives as much sunlight as possible.

Another theory is the tree’s way of preventing the spread of invasive insects.

You may have seen the dipterocarp forests in many parts of the country undergo mass flowering (and consequent fruiting) in myriad colors.

The unique phenomenon usually occurs intermittently but sometimes may see intervals of many years.

The synchronous flowering and its fantastic display of beautiful scenes in many hues amidst the green sea of rainforest is a sight to behold.

And from the aerial view, these look like a cute “broccoli Forest.” VVisitors’Guide How to get to FRIM

You can check FFRIM’sGuide for visitors.

Citizen (per person / per entry)
Adult & Child RM1
Students in uniform Free
Disabled Persons Free

Non-Citizen (per person / per entry)
Adult RM5
Child not in uniform RM1
Students in uniform Free
Disabled Persons Free

Car (per entry)
Kepong Botanical Gardens RM5
Motorbike (per entry) RM3
SLR/ DSLR Camera RM5

FRIM is an R&D institution that opens its campus door to the public to enjoy the artificial forests, and FRIM is not a public recreational park.

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia is a statutory agency of the Government of Malaysia, under the Ministry of Land, Water, and Natural Resources.

Dipterocarp forests aerial view. Photo: FRIM

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
Address: Jalan Frim, Institut Penyelidikan Perhutanan Malaysia, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Opening: Mon to Sat. (Closed on Sunday)
Hours: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Saga Hill – Bukit Saga

Saga Bill (Bukit Saga) is located in Taman Saga, Ampang/Cheras district of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor.

Scenic trails traverse this lush hilltop, known for its waterfall & sweeping summit views.

It is relatively easy for beginners to climb, and visitors enjoy the scenery.

There are three trails; A, B, and C. The trails are well maintained, with ropes to guide you.

For more adventure, you can hike to Saga Hill waterfall, one of the stunning waterfalls in Selangor.

It will take 2hour to reach the waterfall.

The open space at the top of Saga Hill has excellent facilities like a swing playground, exercise corner, hammocks to lie down, shelter to rest and relax, and a changing room for the ladies.

You can find a makeshift cooking area that is great for picnics and chill-out space.

It is a perfect place to seek calmness and for having a relaxing time with family and friends.

Getting to Saga Hill

According to Hikers For Life, the start of the trail is located at approximately GPS: 3.112660, 101.773242 (maps).

From the south, head towards Kuala Lumpur, a bus/KTM connects to major cities.

As the trailhead is at a residential estate, please do not park your vehicle along the road as it obstructs traffic and causes inconvenience to the residents.

Inconsiderate parking can cause safety concerns as emergency vehicles will have difficulties getting to the trailhead or a resident’s home in need of help.

A recommended parking area will be at the car park and Jalan Saga 22 beside a playground (GPS: 3.114341, 101.772201), a site about 300 meters away with limited space.

You can find additional parking at the shophouses along with Jalan Saga 20.

Public Transport

Coming by coach, most buses will end up at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS).

From TBS, use the overhead bridge to connect to the LRT station – PH5 Bandar Tasik Selatan (rapidKL LRT, Ampang Line).

Take the LRT 4 stops to ST1 Chan Sow Lin and board the LRT towards Ampang direction, alighting five stops later at AG6 Cempaka.

From LRT Cempaka Station, take bus T323 alighting at GPS: 3.119533, 101.769823 (Jalan Teratai 1/1). From the bus stop, it is a 1.3km walk or approximately 15mins to the trailhead.

LRT Cempaka Station
T323 bus service is run by RapidKL – Ampang.

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

Bukit Saga via Taman Saga. Photo: William Mok

Bukit Saga via Taman Saga
Address: 86a, Jalan Saga 28, Taman Saga, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Hours: Open 24 hours

Bukit Kutu

Bukit Kutu was once a colonial hill station called “Treacher’s Hill,” is now a ghost town in Selangor, about 70 km (43 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur.

The summit offers a panoramic view of clouds, valleys, and the Titiwangsa mountain range.

Although its location is near Kuala Kubu Bharu along the trunk road to Fraser’s Hill – Bukit Kutu is usurped by neighboring Fraser’s Hill in popularity.

Some of the hike’s highlights are century-old ruins and remnants, a chimney, and a sanatorium.

In 1893, the hill station was established with two bungalows that served as a lodge for visitors.

A 15.3 km (9.5 mi) bridle path connected it with the town of Kuala Kubu.

In 1922, Bukit Kutu was gazetted as a wildlife reserve with its rich biodiversity with various kinds of flora and fauna.

By 1935, the hill station was abandoned, and the government of British Malaya acquired the station’s bungalows.

Bombed by the Japanese during the war, it was eventually abandoned to wild.

The access road (by cart rail) was lost in thick vegetation, leaving Treacher’s Hill a ghost town.

The only remains of the bungalows are a chimney, fireplace and well (that still collects water), and stone walls at the other end of the ridge.

Today, It is a popular hiking destination on weekends, offering beautiful views of the Titiwangsa mountain range and Kuala Kubu Bharu dam at the summit.

However, you will need a permit before you start your hike at Bukit Kutu.

There is an office at the foothill entrance to apply for a permit which only costs RM 5 per person.

The climb up Bukit Kutu’s peak (2-4 hours depending on speed) begins from an Orang Asli village at the foothill.

Getting to Bukit Kutu
You have to pass by the Kampung Orang Asli at Kampung Pertak to go to Bukit Kutu.

Turn right at the signboard to Kampung Pertak after Sungai Selangor Dam, if coming from Kuala Kubu Bharu town.

Follow the paved road past modern-looking Orang Asli (Aborigine) homes as it winds along the Sungai Pertak.

The road will connect to a gravel stretch.

Follow it to its end at the river confluence with a suspension bridge.

Follow the 4WD trail until it comes to another river section with a partly-submerged bridge; cross and proceed on the path until it hits a calm river section.

Wade across and take the first left turning until it hits a fork; turn right, and the trail will be well marked from this point, rising steeply after crossing all stream sections.

Fact Sheet & Quick Guide

Bukit Kutu
Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor
Starting Coordinates: 3.572510N, 101.738128E
Starting Height: 290m above sea level
Difficulty: Moderate, good stamina needed for some steep area but comes with a good array of fun, challenging obstacles
Average Completion Time: 6 hours (4 hours uphill and 2 hours downhill)

Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

Bukit Kutu. Photo: Nanaunaa Adnan

Bukit Kutu is a popular climbing spot on weekends, with beautiful views of the Titiwangsa mountain range and Kuala Kubu Bharu dam at the summit.

Conclusion Spectacular Hiking Trails in Selangor

In Selangor, hiking has become one of the trendiest activities to carry out during your free time.

While hiking, you may enjoy spectacular panoramic views along the way to the peak.

Selangor is one of the States that emphasizes eco-tourism segmentation.

We should all preserve the beauty of nature by not littering.

Natural beauty is a legacy and a right for the future generation.

Conserving wildlife, as well as our natural resources for their benefit, is our responsibility today.




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