7 Unique Food In Kedah To Enjoy

7 Unique Food In Kedah To Enjoy

With so many local eats and unique dishes, the traditional food in Kedah is an attraction missed by visitors to Malaysia.

Known as the rice bowl of Malaysia, or Negeri Jelapang Padi, Kedah is the largest rice producer in the country.

While most foreigners are acquainted with the charming Langkawi island, little exposure has been given to the delicious Kedahan cuisine.

Time-honored Kedahan fare reflects its geographical setting, with its dishes carrying Thai influences.

Essentially a Malay state, the Kedah cuisine stays true to the roots of traditional Malay cooking.

With this, Kedahans has invented a diversity of heartily prepared dishes emphasizing solid aromatic elements and a slightly spicier edge.

Kedah Malay cuisine is warm, hearty, nourishing, and fulfilling, with every dish tasting like a mother’s recipe – lovingly created so her children could eat and live well.

Alongside its awesome attractions, Kedah’s cuisine is exceptional and alluring for food lovers.

Spices and exotic herbs made the local dishes unique and authentic to the region. Hence Kedah food is a must-try for everyone visiting Malaysia.

Unique Food In Kedah

Kedah’s cuisine is exceptional and alluring for food lovers.

Are you traveling to the northern region of Malaysia?

Here is the must-try excellent food in Kedah!

What Unique Food To Eat In Kedah?

You wouldn’t want to go hungry when visiting all these Kedah attractions.

Kedah’s cuisine and cooking style differ from other states in Malaysia. There are plenty of local dishes that you can enjoy throughout the state.

Bordering Thailand up north, Kedah’s cuisine has some Thai influences in its curries you will enjoy.

Check out these unique dishes that are part of Kedah attractions that you can try on a food tour.

You have an opportunity to taste various mouth-watering local dishes, which travelers to Malaysia should not miss.

Variety of Favorite Foods in Kedah Malaysia

Feast on the savory of Laksa Kedah, Nasi Daging Merah, Sup Gear Box, mouth-watering delicacies, sweet desserts, and traditional Malay Kuih.

Not only are they unique, but it appeals to the whole wide range of food lovers.

Rice Delights

Kedah is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Malaysia’ and has several distinctive rice delights that satisfy any appetite.

Popular among people living in the north, the Pulut (glutinous rice) is one of their famous rice dishes.

Pulut is paired with fruits such as mango, durian, and even bananas. Aside from fruits, it could incorporate savory side dishes such as sambal.

Pulut Inti and Tapai Pulut are other variations of glutinous rice popular in Kedah.

Rice Dishes in Kedah

Local Kedahans have a penchant for very spicy food. Their dishes and curries use tamarind and sambals.

Gulai Nangka

Traditional local delights include Gulai Nangka. The Creamy Curried Jackfruit usually is served with Basmati Rice.

Gulai Temenung

Regarding rice dishes, Kedah has fantastic curries that go so well with hot white rice! Must try is the Gulai Temenung.

While Fish curry is a typical dish in Malaysia, Kedah’s dish is Gulai Temenung or Mackerel Curry.

Since the fish is small, the dish is usually priced according to the quantity of fish.

Served with hot white rice, Sambal Belacan, and fresh Ulam, this dish alone completes a hearty meal to keep you satisfied.

Nasi Lemak Royale

In Kedah, the Nasi Lemak Royale isn’t a typical Malaysian Nasi Lemak but is given royal treatment.

Nasi Lemak Royale offers yellow fluffy bright yellow rice, and the dishes are similar to those of the famous Penang Nasi Kandar.

The rice is best enjoyed with Kuah Campur Banjir, a mixed gravy of different scrumptious curries.

Unique Food In Kedah

Nasi Lemak Royale

Nasi Ayam

Typical Hainanese Chicken Rice is given a twist right here in Kedah.

Coined as the best Nasi Ayam in the city, its buttery rice cooked with chicken broth and roasted chicken packs a punch with special chili sambal.

Nasi Ulam

One of the local’s favorite traditional dishes in Kedah is Nasi Ulam.

The rice is mixed with various fresh raw vegetables and spices, including ginger flower, dried shrimp, bird’s eye chili, cucumber, and shredded Ulam leaves.

A key ingredient is the kerisik, toasted grated coconut, which gives texture to the mixture and aroma to the rice.

Mix in its share of lime juice and palm sugar gravy.

Nasi Ulam can be eaten as it or paired with meat or a unique side dish like Keladi Masak Asam Rebus.

Unique Food In Kedah

Nasi Ulam


Noodle Dishes in Kedah

Laksa Kedah

Laksa Kedah or Laksa Utara (northern laksa) is a must-have whenever you visit Malaysia.

The rice noodles dish in shredded fish-based gravy with a tangy Assam flavor.

Laksa Kedah is garnished with julienned cucumber, onions, and fragranced herbs such as Daun Kesum.

It is also served with a finely-sliced Ulam, like Daun Selom, Ulam Raja, and Pucuk Gajus.

Unique Food In Kedah

Laksa Kedah

Kuey Teow Kerang

Char Kuey Teow is a fried flat rice noodle street food dish in Malaysia.

In Kedah, the Kuey Teow Kerang is a loaded dish of cockles topped with a runny sunny side fried egg!

Mee Ketam, Mee Udang & Mee Sotong

Mee Udang is one of the most sought-after Kedah noodle dishes that comes with sweet and spicy gravy.

The noodle dish is loaded with a generous portion of seafood (prawn, crab, or squid)

Unique Food In Kedah

Mee Ketam, Mee Udang & Mee Sotong

Mee Rebus (Noodle in Potato Gravy)

A typical Mee Rebus dish has yellow noodles served with thick, spicy potato-based gravy garnished with hard-boiled egg and crunchy bean sprouts.

Kedah-style Mee Rebus is different, and the extra crunch is that it is served with Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters). Yum!

Grilled Seafood in Kedah

Kedah is famous for its seafood, with grilled marinated fish as one of the many local favorites.

Fish choices include these types of fish, Ikan Terubuk, Kembung, Pari, and Keli.

Other seafood to try is Chilli Crabs, Grilled Squids, or Prawns.

Salted Fish and Fish Crackers are a favorite delicacy in Kedah.

Unique Food In Kedah

Ikan Bakar or Grilled Seafood in Kedah

Satay Semeling

Your trip to hunt down Food Attractions in Kedah will never be complete without trying this superbly tasty satay!

Satay is a local favorite with well-seasoned and skewered meat grilled over burning hot charcoal that gives it a smoky flavor.

In Kedah, check out the satay with various skewered grilled slices of meat, chicken, beef, and lamb, including rabbit.

Unique Food In Kedah

Satay Semeling

Unique Food in Kedah

Fresh Oyster in Kedah

Few people know that you could have raw fresh oysters for breakfast at Bujang Valley.

Bakau Hijau farm, a local family-run floating farm, has locals and newcomers scoping and eating the fresh oysters from the river.

The best part is the farm rears jumbo oysters you can slurp and munch raw with squirts of lemon. The fresh oysters have a crispy snap when you bite into them!

Fun fact: A dozen oysters contain a quarter of the cholesterol of an egg yolk.

Unique Food In Kedah

Fresh Oyster in Kedah

Two popular and unique dishes in Kedah are Sayur Kelado and Prakasam.

Sayur Kelado

There are various versions of this simple dish.

Some people call it Tamarind Boiled Yam, or Yam in Tamarind Gravy, and many other names.

Usually, Sayur Kelado is served with Nasi Ulam.

Ikan Pekasam

Ikan Pekasam is a classic dish, a well-renown fermented fish product in Kedah with the state as the main producer.

In Malay cuisine, Pekasam refers to freshwater fish fermented with salt, palm sugar, toasted rice grains, and pieces of Assam Gelugor.

You can buy a ready-packed Prakasam as a souvenir and have it at home.

Unique Food In Kedah

Ikan Pekasam Goreng

Desserts in Kedah

Kedahans have a sweet tooth; desserts and sweet dishes are popular here.
Sweet indulgences include Baulu and Dodol, and sweet cakes are made from flour, coconut, and sugar.

Kuih Karas

The famous Kuih Karas is a popular dessert in Kedah.

The crispy, sweet kuih that resembles fried vermicelli due to its string-like texture can be widely found at stalls and markets.

The crispy Kuih Karas has a light sugary flavor and is perfect as a teatime snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

Unique Food In Kedah

Kuih Karas

Kueh Serabi

Kueh Serabi, or surabi, srabi, is known in neighboring Thailand as Khanom khrok.

The little rice flour pancake is served with coconut milk and palm sugar.

Unique Food In Kedah

Kueh Serabi

Air Nira Nipah

The sweet juice of the Nipah plant, the harvested ‘seeds,’ is a jellylike sweetmeat called ‘attap chee’ used in local desserts like Ais Kacang.

Conclusion Food in Kedah

There are other unique and flavourful local Kedah food that you can try.

You can head to Kedah attractions for more food-hunting experiences!







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